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I recently had a conversation with Doug Casebeer about what it is that I want for myself in the future.  It was a rich conversation that reminded me of a few things, one of which is that part of the reason that I make work at all, that I enjoy teaching as I do, is that the exchange of ideas through conversation and writing sustains me.  As a result of this I decided that my website ought to reflect and foster this.  I have made attempts at “blogging” in the past, but I feel as though this go-around will be different in that I want to focus my efforts on things that exist specifically in the orbit of my studio practice.

What does this look like?  The easy (and coy) answer is “stick around and you’ll find out.”  The more useful and pragmatic answer is that it will include periodic updates about works in progress.  I find that posting to Instagram is a bit hollow for me (though I will continue to do so, for a variety of reasons).  I want to be able to add some explanation occasionally to studio process photos rather than just leave them as cryptic, voyeuristic entries into a public journal.  Sometimes posts here will be musings about tools I use in my practice, or intend to use.  There will be reflections on experiences I have with other artists, students, and mentors.  All of this wouldn’t be complete without some inclusion of my unsolicited thoughts and opinions on the state of art, education, and the world.

Eventually I would love for this to become a dialog, using comments, and potentially other mediums to open a two-way conduit for my thoughts and postings to be catalysts for discussion–more on this as things develop.  In the meantime, any feedback that you might have for me is welcome and appreciated, send it on to me:
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