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If you can’t figure out how to do it, where to get it, or who to talk to, try me.

Having a hard time visualizing how to accomplish a technical goal? I excel in talking through issues and working to solve problems creatively and within your parameters.

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  • Some thoughts on tools

    Some thoughts on tools

    So as you might have gathered from the title, this post falls solidly into the category of “shameless self-promotion…”  But aside from that it is also a good chance for me to talk about tools in general, and the Cool Tools blog/podcast specifically.  To get the self-promotion out of the way, I was recently featured…


  • Progress

    Progress at a snail’s pace. Sometimes it can feel like the things I am working on are grinding on forever, it takes a lot of time for some of these ideas to manifest themselves fully, or even to the point where they are recognizable in some physical form…  Shooting some video of this piece in…


  • Teaching again.

    I love teaching.  Bearing witness to the failures and successes of students, seeing them work through frustration to something new is exhilarating, and in fact, energizes me to be more present and engaged in my own studio practice.  I generally subscribe to Chuck Close’s philosophy on inspiration: Inspiration is for amateurs, the rest of us show…